Renovation program: list of houses to be demolished in Moscow until 2021 (2018, 2019)

Renovation list of Moscow CJSC: list of houses for renovation in the Western District of Moscow (CJSC) for demolition

We present by district lists of houses in the Western Administrative District (ZAO) of Moscow for demolition until 2032.
In the Western District, the authorities approved a list of 553 Khrushchev buildings, the renovation of which should begin in the foreseeable future. Of the 10 districts of the closed joint-stock company participating in the renovation program, the largest number of five-story buildings are prepared for demolition in the Mozhaisk district - 145 houses. The fewest in Ramenki are 2 houses. Check out the list of houses under the renovation program in the Western District (ZAO) of Moscow by district:

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On August 1, 2021, a list of houses for renovation in Ramenki was published - 2 Khrushchev buildings are included. These Khrushchev buildings will be demolished by the end of 2032. The final list of houses to be demolished in Ramenki: ...

Current information on the forum and official website about the project

At a forum about renovation in Kuntsevo (ZAO), residents of the area are actively discussing the topic of demolishing five-story buildings. Judging by the latest news, by the end of this year a schedule for the relocation of residents of the Kuntsevo five-story buildings should be published.

The latest renovation news reported that the group will act as a developer in Kuntsevo. It is they who will build houses on an area of ​​28 hectares, which will be freed up after the dismantling of old buildings. In addition to construction, the company is also obliged to develop infrastructure and improve the area around new buildings.

At the forum, residents of Kuntsevo are discussing the information that the first two houses will be occupied by property owners on Molodogvardeyskaya, 51 and 53. Although there has been no such news officially yet.

People are also concerned that they will be resettled in other districts of Moscow, since in March the capital's authorities issued a decree on offering apartments for relocation in other districts. But, according to the document, this must happen with the consent of the owners.

Let us remind you that the renovation program started in 2021 and, judging by the news, will continue for the next 30 years. Resettlement and construction will be carried out quarterly. Based on the results of the program in the capital, perhaps this experience will be transferred to other large cities of Russia. Currently, about 8,000 houses are awaiting demolition in Moscow. In total, it is planned to resettle more than 1.5 million people.

Houses for demolition in JSC

List of houses for demolition in the closed joint-stock company under the renovation program. In the Western Administrative District, a total of 559 houses in 10 districts of Moscow are slated for demolition.

  • Vnukovo (11)
  • Kuntsevo (62)
  • Mozhaisky (148)
  • Novo-Peredelkino (14)
  • Ochakovo-Matveevskoe (67)
  • Vernadsky Avenue (59)
  • Ramenki (2)
  • Solntsevo (42)
  • Filevsky Park (35)
  • Fili-Davydkovo (119)

The demolition of houses in the closed joint-stock company is planned to be completed by 2032. In the district, 559 five-story buildings, located in 10 districts, will be demolished. In Ramenki, 2 buildings will be demolished, and 148 buildings in the Mozhaisk district.

In which areas are plans to demolish old housing?

Resettlement on the street. Academician Pavlova, house 36, buildings 1 and 2 are planned for 2021. All deadlines for the demolition of old Khrushchev-era buildings and the design and construction of new buildings are being adjusted. In some areas, citizens do not want to move from old five-story buildings. Therefore, all issues are resolved by voting. The schedule for the demolition of houses in the closed joint-stock company is being prepared by the government; it will be presented during 2021.

The program consists of demolishing Khrushchev-era buildings and relocating residents to new residential complexes. All apartments will be provided to residents free of charge, with interior finishing and renovation according to renovation standards. Muscovites will be provided with apartments located next to their previous home, which is planned to be demolished.

CJSC renovation news for today reports: the demolition of five-story buildings in the Western District will be carried out in order. There are plans to demolish the houses on the street. Davydkovskaya, Malaya Filevskaya, Kastanaevskaya st., Leninsky Prospekt, Yartsevskaya and Pavlova streets.

By the end of 2021, 9 houses will be ready, into which residents of the districts will be relocated. Currently, 449 families have already been able to move into new homes.

All questions that interest residents of the districts can be asked at special information centers. They are located on the 1st floors of new buildings. Before the construction of new buildings begins, houses on Kastanaevskaya Street and st. Barclay. Currently, reconstruction is underway in the Filevsky Park area.

Lists of houses renovated by CJSC are compiled by district. Each family will be able to receive a new apartment under the renovation program. Many residents will receive comfortable apartments in residential complexes. The houses will have an excellent landscaped area.

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JSC launch sites

The launch site is the site where the house will be built, where citizens from old apartments will be resettled.

Criteria for selecting construction sites:

  • location in the area and near a group of houses;
  • taking into account the opinions of residents;
  • the ability to start construction as quickly as possible;
  • with minimal encumbrance, including engineering communications;
  • compliance with building density requirements.

JSC renovation schedule by launch sites:

  • 23 sites planned for 2020-2021;
  • 9 sites planned for 2022 and beyond.

The addresses of the starting sites for renovation in the closed joint-stock company have been approved by the city government.

List of JSC launch sites for 2021 - 2021

Launch sites are planned in 7 districts.

District nameThe exact address
Kuntsevo districtIn the area, sites were selected on two streets:
  • st. Molodogvardeyskaya – ow. 44;
  • Bobruiskaya st. – building 15.
Mozhaisky districtIn the area, sites were selected on two streets:
  • st. Kubinka – vld. 18, room 2;
  • st. Petra Alekseeva – ow. 12.
Ochakovo-MatveevskoeIn the area, sites were selected on two streets:
  • st. Bolshaya Ochakovskaya - vld. 35A;
  • st. Fan - vld. 26A, vld. 26B.
Solntsevo districtSites have been selected in the area along three streets:
  • st. Shchorsa - vld. 15;
  • Borovsky passage - ow. 1;
  • st. Rodnikovaya – vld. 5A.
Filevsky Park districtBeregovoy passage – ow. 2, ow. 2, p. 18, ow. 2, p.19.
Fili-Davydkovo districtSites have been selected in the area along three streets:
  • st. Kastanaevskaya – ow. 44-48;
  • st. Kastanaevskaya – ow. 44-48, bldg. 2;
  • Davydkovskaya st. – ow. 14-16.
Novo-Peredelkino districtSt. Sculptor Mukhina – ow. 11/1.

List of JSC launch sites after 2022

Launch sites are planned in 4 districts.

District nameThe exact address
Mozhaisky districtIn the area, sites were selected on five streets:
  • st. Govorova – ow. 14-16;
  • st. Gorbunova – ow. 11, bldg. 3, bldg. 4;
  • st. Tolbukhina – ow. 2, bldg. 1, ow. 4, bldg. 1;
  • Grodnenskaya street – properties 7–9;
  • Krasnykh Zori street – properties 23–25.
Vernadsky avenueIn the area, sites were selected on two streets:
  • Vernadskogo Ave. – properties 75–77;
  • Lobachevskogo st. – ow. 28-36, ow. 62.
Solntsevo districtRodnikovaya Street – next to building 4.
Fili-Davydkovo districtSt. Oleko Dundich - ow. 29, ow. 31–35.

Starter houses and houses for demolition in JSC

Old-style five-story buildings that are nearing the end of their service life are being demolished. The demolition of houses will be carried out according to a schedule established by the city government.

The launch sites of the JSC have been determined. New buildings have already been erected on four of them, and their occupancy will now begin.

New starter homes

2 facilities will be built before 2023; they are located in Solntsevo and Ochakovo-Matveevsky districts. Near Filevsky Park, on Beregovoy Proezd, a new building site will be organized.

According to the plan, construction of 34 houses began in 2021.

Features and advantages of new buildings under the renovation program

New houses have the following advantages:

  • Entrances. Entrances to the entrances, lobby floors and elevator hall on the first floors are made on the same level for the convenience of young parents using strollers, as well as residents with low mobility. The walls are decorated with ceramic tiles, there are intercoms and mailboxes.
  • Insulation of the facade. This will ensure energy saving and good noise insulation, which will save on utility bills. The heating system will operate automatically.
  • Non-residential first floor. The lower floor and basement will be used for various types of commercial enterprises. It will house pharmacies, shops, cafes, cafes, play centers for children and various social facilities. Relocation centers will be located there during the move.
  • Large common area. In new buildings, the area of ​​common areas has increased by 8.7 times.

Other features of the renovation program for the population include the following:

  • Obtaining housing at the expense of the state. Residents will receive new apartments without spending a penny out of their pockets.
  • Possibility to change the layout. New owners receive renovated apartments, but they have the right to change the layout during the construction stage.
  • Availability of ramps. Modern houses are equipped with ramps, which is especially important for people with musculoskeletal problems and women with small children.
  • Equivalence. The apartments, the one from which residents move out and the one they move into, are the same in the number of rooms. In most cases, new housing is even more spacious due to expanded kitchens and hallways.
  • Possibility to expand housing area. If desired, you can purchase additional square meters or increase the number of rooms by paying the required amount for them. Participants in the renovation program receive a 10% discount.
  • Everything you need is nearby. Near the new houses there are parking lots and all the necessary infrastructure.
  • Removal from housing register. People on a waiting list for improved housing conditions will be able to receive new housing depending on the composition of their family, so there will be no need for 2 moves. After this, they will be removed from the housing register.

If the family was unable to choose an apartment for themselves or was absent at the time of selection, then they will be offered an apartment in any case.

Plan for the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow in 2020-2020

The very heart of the Russian capital will soon change beyond recognition. Finally, the city will be cleared of outdated and uninhabitable low five-story buildings with inconvenient room layouts and poor insulation. According to the approved renovation plan, more than 5,000 five-story buildings will be demolished, and elite modern residential complexes will be built in their place. The first stage will be completed in 2020-2020.

New plans

“Khrushchev” and “Stalin” buildings look ugly against the backdrop of monolithic residential high-rises, to put it mildly. The gray, dull five-story buildings built in 1957-1969 simply spoiled the view of the most beautiful city in the country - Moscow. Then the authorities decided to develop a long-term plan to replace old houses with modern ones. The global housing renovation program in Moscow started in 2021 (No. 497-PP dated 08/01/2017 “On the Housing Renovation Program in the City of Moscow”). Then a plan was approved to demolish dilapidated houses, reconstruct high-rise buildings and build improved new ones. The first stage of the plan to demolish five-story buildings covers the period until 2021. Then the second part of the plan will be implemented, providing for the construction of new housing stock in the city on the vacant sites.

In fact, the demolition of old houses began in the late 90s. Even then, a large part of old Moscow was cleared, and people were resettled to other areas. It was planned that construction would be completed by 2010, but the crisis and economic downturn made adjustments to the plans of city planners. The redevelopment of Moscow proceeded slowly; several dozen houses were destroyed per year. Construction was frozen for ten long years. But the problem remains. Maintaining crumbling houses in decent condition is not a cheap pleasure. Residents of Khrushchev, who paid for the repair of facades and entrances from their own pockets, began to be indignant. And then the capital authorities, headed by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, finally decided to put an end to the long-term construction once and for all. In 1717, mass demolition of old houses began, and already in 2021, luxury complexes began to be built on the vacant sites. It is expected that huge residential areas will be affected and more than 120 thousand people will be relocated to new homes in 2018-2020. The construction of new housing began on 15 sites in “old” and new Moscow. And 5,171 houses were demolished—that’s no less than 350 thousand. Almost a million people will be resettled gradually until 2032. 7 out of 15 new buildings will appear on the sites of former five-story buildings.

Important! Housing renovation at the first stage of the housing stock renewal plan (2017-2020) will cost the country 300 billion rubles.

There will be no more five-story buildings

Houses included in the program to replace dilapidated housing:

  • five-story panel buildings of series 1-515;
  • block "Khrushchev" series 1-510;
  • five-story brick houses of series 1-511;
  • houses of 2-3 floors.

All these buildings will be destroyed.

The list of houses subject to demolition by 2021 also includes more than a hundred nine-story buildings that are in disrepair. They were built back in the 80s of the last century, mainly from panels.

In 2020-2020, housing is planned to be demolished in many districts of Moscow: Cheryomushki (South-Western District); Shchukino and Khoroshevo-Mnevniki (North-West of the capital); Preobrazhenskoye, Sokolinaya Gora, Bogorodskoye, Metrogorodok (Eastern Administrative District). But big changes await the South-Eastern Autonomous District of Moscow - one of the oldest in Moscow. More than 630 houses here will be razed to the ground. The “cleaning” will be carried out in all its districts: 286 houses will be demolished in Kuzminki by 2021, 153 houses in Lyublino, 40 Khrushchev houses in Lefortovo, 60 houses in Vykhino-Zhulebino, and Yuzhnoportovy will lose 27 houses.

The list of houses to be demolished was prepared during 2021. To determine which houses would be “distributed,” a vote was held - the residents of dilapidated buildings themselves voted. In 2021, the government revised the list of buildings scheduled for demolition and made adjustments, deleting more than two hundred objects that were considered cultural value. These buildings are supposed to be reconstructed in the future in such a way that they leave the stamp of past times, but cannot pose a danger to the townspeople.

Addresses of demolished five-story buildings in Moscow until 2021:

Where should IDPs go?

Muscovites whose houses were included in the renovation plan were rightly worried about where they would be moved. Most of the houses being demolished are located in prestigious areas, where land and real estate cost exorbitant amounts of money. The authorities reassured the townspeople with the statement that a significant part of the residents would be resettled in the same areas or in those closest to them. Resettlement will occur in waves. By the end of 2021, residents of old houses, which is more than 10,000 people, will receive the keys to new apartments. And by 2021, 59 new houses will be put into operation, and another 26 thousand Muscovites will be resettled.

All houses meet modern quality standards. And they were erected in places where unsightly five-story buildings previously stood. The area of ​​the new apartments is the same as before, but living in them will be comfortable. And such apartments will cost 30% more. Not surprising, since the entrances will be equipped with intercoms, and energy-efficient batteries and meters will be installed in the apartments. Plus a convenient layout, separate bathroom, plastic windows, metal entrance door.

The renovation project covers not only residential premises, but also retail and warehouse space. Businessmen who had premises in demolished buildings will also be provided with the necessary space on the ground floors of high-rise buildings.

Plans for 2020-2020

Urban planners plan to build more than 25 million square meters of housing. These will be beautiful, large residential complexes with houses over 20 floors and developed infrastructure. Shops, metro, schools, kindergartens and clinics will be within walking distance. Residents will not deny themselves anything. Moreover, they will become the owners of metropolitan apartments, which are located not somewhere on the outskirts, but in the very center of the city. Andrei Bochkarev, who heads the capital’s construction department, said in an interview that in the next two years construction will unfold at 242 launch sites. And in 2021 it is planned to occupy 28 houses, which is 14 thousand apartments!

For 2021, the authorities are making very ambitious plans - developers will introduce 1.5 million square meters of housing.

As for the demolition of five-story buildings, officials expect to clear 1/3 of the prepared area by 2020, which means that by 2032, during the second stage of the renovation program, about 16 million square meters of housing will be demolished. If these figures are measured on a national scale, then we are talking about the area of ​​an average regional city. The scale is truly impressive, but it is too early to judge the results of the renovation.

Renovation is sweeping the country

The program to replace dilapidated housing with new ones was received with great enthusiasm. Following Moscow, the authorities of Krasnoyarsk began to reshape residential areas. There, the list of houses for demolition, which is planned to be completed before 2021, consists of 427 objects that were declared uninhabitable. More than 12 thousand Krasnoyarsk residents should move into new apartments by the end of 2021.

Construction in Krasnoyarsk has begun in earnest. A considerable amount has been allocated from the federal budget with the wish that by the end of 2020, 133 high-rise buildings will be demolished, and the residents of these houses will receive the keys to new apartments.

What is the essence of renovation?

The renovation program will affect residents of several streets in the Kuntsevo area. As the construction of new residential buildings comes to an end, the owners of Khrushchev-era apartment buildings will be offered living space equal in both area and number of rooms. In the event that the proposed housing is of a smaller area, the owner of the apartment will receive a monetary reward. Do not forget that if you receive a larger area, you will have to pay extra for additional square meters. However, with such additional payment a 10% discount will be applied.

The demolition of obsolete buildings, and therefore the resettlement process, will take place in several stages. At the beginning, the design of future buildings and the preparation of construction sites allocated for development will be carried out. Presumably, the preparatory stage will start in 2021, will continue in 2021 and will last until 2021. Completion of the entire renovation process is scheduled for 2032.

Lists of houses for demolition in Moscow 2021 – 2021

On February 21 of this year, the president of the state officially sent an order to the mayor of the capital to intensify a new program for the demolition of five-story buildings. And within two months, the first regulations regulating this issue were prepared. But, given the speed of decision-making on the demolition of Khrushchev buildings in Moscow, Muscovites are left with more questions than answers. And while the final lists of houses to be demolished in Moscow in 2017 are being compiled and their addresses are being determined, the government is painstakingly working to eliminate contradictions in the papers and by-laws.

Question Basics

In the Soviet Union, every family that worked faithfully at state enterprises could fairly count on receiving personal housing. This is undoubtedly a good program, thanks to which Moscow is dotted with five-story buildings, among which Khrushchev buildings predominate. These houses became the lifeline of the city authorities, which made it possible to provide housing for thousands of Russian families. But time passes, houses fall into disrepair, they threaten to fall into disrepair, and hundreds of families dream of changing their impractical layout to a spacious new apartment in a modern high-rise. This is one of the main reasons that provoked the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow in 2021.

The renovation plan was launched back in 1998 and was expected to be completed by 2011. But, due to financial and other government difficulties, the plan to demolish five-story buildings in Moscow was extended for several more years. According to the most favorable forecasts, the demolition plan for Khrushchev buildings should be completed in 2021. But these deadlines are approximate, therefore they are not limited only to these dates, and can be extended.

The Law on the Demolition of Five-Story Buildings 2021 became the basis for drawing up a preliminary list of applicants for dismantling. In particular, more than 4.5 houses were included in the demolition list, and the owners voted to save or dismantle them.

Important! The voting stage ended on June 15 and work is now underway to analyze and systematize the votes received.


In practice, the renovation project received a more favorable name – the “Housing” program. The emphasis is placed on the fact that the work is not aimed at destroying the capital’s housing stock, but at improving the living conditions of Moscow families. According to theoretical principles, it was indicated that the demolition schedule for five-story buildings for 2021 will depend solely on the opinion of property owners in the applicant buildings. And the voting lines were already closed on June 15th.

Now, until July, votes will be counted and final lists of five-story buildings for demolition will be compiled. As we become familiar with the results and compile statistics, all the addresses of the five-story buildings that took part in the survey, as well as the schedule for the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow in 2021, are put on public display on the Internet.

It should be noted that the final list will be published only in August, but in the meantime, the map of demolition of five-story buildings includes 115 buildings, among which there are not only Khrushchev buildings, but also other dilapidated or dilapidated buildings.

Practical stage

It will be possible to begin the practical stage only after a complete list of five-story buildings to be demolished has been compiled. It is estimated that at the end of August Muscovites will learn which houses will be dismantled. But in the meantime, you can follow the trend on the website in the “Active Citizen” section.

Attention! The counting of opinions will take place in two stages and requires that 70% of the vote threshold must be overcome in order for the house to be dismantled.

The rules for creating a list of five-story buildings, as well as drawing up the order of demolition, imply the following algorithm of actions:

  • taking into account the opinions of property owners/tenants in applicant houses separately for each apartment;
  • general calculation for each house separately.

In this case, a positive answer will be counted if:

  • all residents of the apartment voted for dismantling;
  • if the opinions of the residents of one apartment differ, but the majority views the resolution of the issue positively;
  • if no votes were received from the apartment

Thus, only a unanimous refusal will be counted in the group of "no" votes.

When determining the first list of houses that can be demolished, the period of construction and its condition were taken into account. Thus, the city's utility companies carried out inspections to establish the unsafe condition of housing.


The renovation project was launched in 2021 and it is during this period that the bulk of the work is planned. So, as has already been said, by the end of the summer the addresses of Moscow five-story buildings will be formed, which will be demolished. Next, it will take approximately two months to draw up notices to residents, provide enough vacant apartments in new buildings for the relocation of citizens, and also complete all the necessary paperwork.

If, after looking at the lists of houses for demolition in Moscow 2021, you find your addresses, then you should contact the city’s housing stock. They will provide you with a form to familiarize yourself with the new housing. With this document, the family goes to the new apartment, inspects it and decides to accept the home in exchange. In this case, an exchange agreement is drawn up, according to which the state owns the Khrushchev-era apartment buildings, and the displaced people purchase housing in a new building. One and a half months were allotted for the preparation of all these papers. Another 30 calendar days are allocated to complete the move.

In addition, demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow is planned to begin by the end of 2021. City authorities hope that the renovation project will be successfully completed in 2021. But, as practice shows, the country may face exorbitant financial costs, which is why, perhaps, the demolition of Khrushchev-era buildings in Moscow, which began in 2021, may last until 2021 inclusive.

As for the queue, much depends on the availability of empty apartments for relocation and the dilapidation of the building. The most reliable buildings will be dismantled last. The list of demolished houses affected almost all districts of Moscow, including Kapotnya.

What should migrants expect?

Muscovites are warily awaiting the official presentation of the list of houses to be dismantled, which will soon be published in the media and on the pages of Internet resources. If the house is on the list of the 2021 program for the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow, then the owners will certainly have to move. And that's what scares me the most. And in vain, since the city administration guarantees the provision of all assistance related to the move.

As mentioned above, demolition of houses is possible only when there are enough empty square meters to accommodate displaced people. Therefore, active work is now underway on the construction of new buildings. The layout of the new housing will be similar to the usual dilapidated housing. And, if you look at the house on the map, the location promises to be advantageous. The availability of kindergartens and schools, as well as other citizen service centers will be taken into account.

Residents of the demolished five-story building can rest easy, since the municipal authorities are committed to providing free services for transporting things to their new location.

Legal self-defense

The procedure for implementing this reform has already been approved, as well as mechanisms for legal influence on citizens who do not want to move. In particular, this applies to judicial resolution of disputes. According to case studies, the courts side with the state because city authorities act on the basis of official law. Also, the owner will not be able to influence the order of dismantling houses for demolition in 2021.

The only court decision that can be made in favor of the owner is to provide the opportunity to choose a new home.

Program and list of houses for demolition in Moscow until 2021

The list of houses to be demolished in Moscow until 2021 includes more than 350 thousand apartments, in which 1 million people live. The renovation program was approved by Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin on August 1, 2021. What will the new apartments be like? Which houses are included in the list? How will the appearance of the city change? Let's consider these and other issues that concern Muscovites.

Time for a change

Active construction of Khrushchev apartments in Moscow continued from 1957 to 1969. The very first apartments were without balconies, tiny, with low ceilings, adjacent rooms and combined bathrooms. They were built at an accelerated pace to solve the housing problem for the next 25 years. In the early 1960s, house designs were improved; the service life of brick Khrushchev-era buildings was designed to last 100 years. But due to the unsatisfactory quality of construction, some of them fell into disrepair much earlier.

The time has come for change: the authorities decided to replace the panel five-story buildings of the 1-515 series, the block ones - 1-510 and the brick ones -1-511, as well as their modifications with modern comfortable houses with parking lots underneath, new utilities, and landscaped courtyards. In addition to Khrushchev buildings, the demolition list included houses of 2-3 floors, as well as about 100 nine-story panel buildings. Plan for the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow 2020-2025. Affects most of all the Eastern administrative district (Bogorodskoye, Metrogorodok, Sokolinaya Gora, Preobrazhenskoye), Northwestern (Khoroshevo-Mnevniki and Shchukino) and Southwestern (Cheryomushki). In total, there are 560 blocks in Moscow with old five-story buildings.

More than 200 buildings were excluded from the list because, according to the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage, they are the architectural heritage of constructivism.

If residents are against it, there will be no resettlement

Until June 15, 2021, homeowners voted on the draft renovation program. The results of the door-to-door voting are available for verification. If 1/3 of the residents were against it, there would be no relocation or dismantling. There were 452 such houses. They were mostly built of brick. Conversely, residents of 297 houses not included in the preliminary plans voted in favor of demolition at a general meeting. Residents of blocks 79-81 Khoroshevo-Mnevnikov, Marshal Zhukov Avenue, and dilapidated houses on Novozavodskaya Street applied for relocation. Houses located near highways under construction have priority for demolition.

The program is attractive because residents will be moved to new homes in the same or neighboring area. In total, 5,144 houses are planned for demolition in Moscow by 2020. People will receive turnkey apartments of equal size, at least 30% more expensive than before, or cash compensation. This also applies to businesses located on the first floors of Khrushchev buildings. Owners of rooms in communal apartments will also receive apartments. The Moscow authorities announced the cost of finishing: per 1 m² - 11 thousand rubles. It includes plastic windows with baskets for air conditioning, energy-efficient batteries, water and electricity meters, readings from which will be transmitted automatically, intercom, separate bathrooms, ceramic toilets and metal bathtubs. Each apartment will have a balcony or loggia. According to preliminary data, about 25 million m² of new housing will be built, which requires 1.5 trillion. rubles

Wave construction method

The mass relocation of residents from Khrushchev-era apartment buildings will begin no earlier than the second half of 2021. The first district will be Beskudnikovo. The wave construction method is already known to Muscovites. It consists of the following stages:

  1. Construction of a new house.
  2. Relocation of residents to it.
  3. Dismantling the old building and erecting a new one.
  4. Creation of infrastructure and strengthening of communications capabilities.

Khrushchev buildings will be replaced by houses built from new generation panels and as a monolith. The decoration of the facades will be bright and non-standard. The city authorities promise round-the-clock video surveillance in the houses, modern elevators, adapting entrances for disabled people and prams. If premium-class buildings are built on the site of Khrushchev, the number of apartments in the new houses will increase by more than 2 times, and their total area - by more than 5 once. For each site, the issue of construction will be decided individually. It is logical to build large blocks in place of a massive accumulation of five-story buildings. The best architectural bureaus of the capital will participate in the project. After 2021, it will be possible to make plans to resettle residents in the Moscow region.

The mayor's office published a list and schedule for demolition of houses. For information, you can contact the Unified Information Service of Moscow by phone 8 (495) 777-77-77. Today, there is very little land for housing construction within the borders of Moscow, every year an increasing number of buildings are recognized as unsafe, so there is no alternative to the gradual renewal of the housing stock. This grandiose and expensive project will renew the city, becoming the largest in the last 10 years not only in Moscow, but throughout the country.

General information about changes in the area

It officially became part of the capital back in 1960 and today it has about 150,000 residents. To date, according to the resettlement program, 62 emergency and unsuitable houses in Kuntsevo are subject to demolition. They are mainly located on Molodogvardeyskaya and Bozhenko streets. In addition, the 47th and 48th blocks are subject to complete reconstruction.

For most residents whose houses will be demolished, this is a long-awaited event. Instead of dilapidated buildings, the authorities plan to build comfortable monolithic high-rise buildings on sites specially designated for construction. The construction of the complexes will be carried out according to individual projects using modern materials.

On the Moscow City Hall website, you can find out in detail about when construction will begin and how the renovation project is progressing.

Houses for demolition in JSC

Plan for the demolition and reconstruction of five-story, dilapidated and emergency housing in the closed joint-stock company.

List of houses for demolition in the Western District of Moscow. Here you can find out whether your house is being demolished or reconstructed. According to the Moscow government's five-story demolition program, dozens of five-story buildings have been added to the 2014-2025 demolition plan. Even some buildings higher than 5 floors are being demolished, on the site of which it is planned to build highways and other city infrastructure. When buildings are demolished, residents are provided with equivalent housing in new buildings in Moscow.

Relevance of the database for the demolition plan: 2013

Western Administrative District

  • [1] [2] [3][4]
Davydkovskaya st., 4, bldg. 2 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
27Davydkovskaya st., 4, bldg. 3 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
28Davydkovskaya st., 10, bldg. 1 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
29Davydkovskaya st., 10, bldg. 2 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
30Davydkovskaya st., 10, bldg. 3 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
31Davydkovskaya st., 10, bldg. 4 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
32Davydkovskaya st., 12, bldg. 1 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
33Davydkovskaya st., 12, bldg. 2 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
34Davydkovskaya st., 12, bldg. 4 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
35Davydkovskaya st., 12, bldg. 5 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
36Elninskaya st., 4Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
37Elninskaya st., 6, building 1Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
38Elninskaya st., 14, bldg. 3 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
39Elninskaya st., 26Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
40Istrinskaya st., 3, bldg. 1 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
41Istrinskaya st., 3, bldg. 2 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
42Istrinskaya st., 3, bldg. 3 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
43Istrinskaya st., 5, bldg. 1 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
44Istrinskaya st., 5, bldg. 2 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
45Kastanaevskaya st., 55Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
46Kastanaevskaya st., 57, bldg. 1 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
47Kastanaevskaya st., 57, bldg. 2 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
48Kastanaevskaya st., 61, bldg. 1 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am
49Kastanaevskaya st., 61, bldg. 2 Demolition of a five-story residential building1605-am
50Kastanaevskaya st., 63, bldg. 1 Demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing stock1605-am

Information on plans for the demolition of five-story and dilapidated housing stock is provided based on materials from the official website of the Department of Urban Development Policy of the City of Moscow:

The address list has been compiled in accordance with the resolutions, orders and other legal documents approved by the Moscow Government. The lists of house demolitions are updated as regulatory documents are released; if you have any questions, please contact your prefectures for clarifications and clarifications.

Nuances of renovation

The developed renovation plan is aimed at a radical solution to the issue and does not for the most part provide for any reconstruction or repair of dilapidated housing stock. All series of houses allocated for renovation will be completely demolished, and the owners will first receive modern, comfortable housing, mainly according to the footage of their apartments.

Investors-developers and the capital's mayor's office will finance the liquidation of old buildings and the resettlement of residents of demolished houses. According to the program for the demolition of these houses, new areas with the necessary infrastructure, metro stations and other transport links are being prepared today. Resettlement work for 2021 is mainly planned by the department for the autumn-spring period:

• for the 2nd quarter of this year - 28 houses; • in the third quarter of 2017 - 7 houses; • in the fourth quarter of 2021 - 29 houses.

All information on the five-story buildings planned for dismantling for the current year can be found on the website and interactive map of the construction department. The city authorities plan to completely modernize the residential market. During the resettlement of the planned eight thousand demolished five-story buildings, 30,000,000 square meters of comfortable, modern housing will be required, and 300 billion rubles will be allocated from the city budget for the first stage of resettlement. The presented schedule for the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow according to the last stage of renovation includes, along with the classic block Khrushchev buildings, five-story buildings of a later commissioning that do not yet have emergency status.

Fili-Davydkovo renovation program (Moscow): demolition plan, launch sites, news

The Fili-Davydkovo district is located in the ZAO. Conventionally, it is divided into 4 parts. Old microdistricts - Mazilovo and Aminevo. The main development was carried out in them in the 50-60s. These microdistricts account for a large share of the buildings included in the renovation program.

Renovation of Fili-Davydkovo

There are 380 residential buildings on the territory. The renovation program included 121 buildings. In some neighborhoods of the area, most of the houses will be demolished. The program is expected to be implemented until 2032. The demolition program included houses for which more than 2/3 of their residents voted for relocation.

The streets leading the demolition of houses in the area were:

  • Kastanaevskaya - 19 houses;
  • Artamonov - 19 houses.

Demolition plan

Demolition of old buildings in the area will begin in 2021. The demolition plan in Fili-Davydkovo includes the following houses:

If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem in 2021, please contact us through the online consultant form or call :

  • Moscow .
  • Saint Petersburg .
  • series 1605-AM with an area of ​​3.7 thousand square meters. m. on Kastanaevskaya street (63, building 1; building 61, building 1; building 61, building 2; building 44; building 46; building 48);
  • series 1605-AM with an area of ​​3.9 thousand square meters. m. on Davydkovskaya street (10, building 1; building 10, building 2; building 10, building 3; building 10, building 4; building 12, building 1; building 12, building 2).

The houses included in the 2021 demolition plan are:

  • series 1605-AM with an area of ​​3.9 thousand square meters. m. on Davydkovskaya street (no. 12, building 4; building 12, building 5);
  • series 1605-AM with an area of ​​7.3 thousand square meters. m. on Davydkovskaya street (building 4, building 1; building 4, building 2; building 4, building 3; building 2, building 7);
  • Series 1605-AM with an area of ​​3.9 thousand square meters. m. on Slavyansky Boulevard (no. 9, building 3; building 9, building 4).
  • series 1605-AM with an area of ​​11 thousand square meters. m. on Kremenchugskaya street (5, building 1).

The accepted schedule for the demolition of houses in Fili-Davydkovo may be subject to correction during its implementation. The first wave of resettlement should be completed by 2021.

On its territory it is planned to build houses for resettlers from the old housing stock included in the renovation program. Due to a series of arbitration courts, this territory has not yet been included in the general development plan.

Launch pads

In Fili-Davydkovo, 2 launch sites have been allocated for the construction of the first houses for the relocation of residents of buildings subject to demolition. They are located at:

If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem, please contact us through the online consultant form or call :

  • 65 block , building 3;
  • 71 quarter , building 18.


The dense development of the area forces the administration to look for sites for the construction of new houses in the most unexpected places. On the territory of Fili-Davydkovo there are long-term construction projects that are owned by the city. New residential complexes may appear in their place. Currently, the possibility of building houses on the site of such long-term construction projects as the Kutuzovskaya Mile, located on Davydkovskaya Street, 18, is being considered.

Addresses of houses included in the renovation program in Moscow

Among the first statements by the authorities, the number of houses to be demolished was about 8 thousand, but a survey of the population showed that not everyone is ready to exchange old houses for new buildings.

Residents of these buildings have for the most part refused to renovate, although there are some places where discussions are ongoing, but at the moment delay has prevented them from being included in the demolition program.

A total of 4,566 houses were selected; for this, the consent of at least two-thirds of the residents was required, and the five-story building itself must be recognized as unsatisfactory in terms of technical condition.

Buildings for the program were selected in 85 districts of Moscow, as well as 6 villages that were annexed to the city.

Houses from some areas do not participate in it; these are parts of all existing districts, as well as Desenovskoye, Troitsk, Sosenskoye, Voronovskoye, Kyiv, Vnukovskoye, Klenovskoye, etc.

All houses that belong to five-story buildings were excluded from the program if they were considered satisfactory, and also when the residents were against relocation.

It is quite difficult to list all the addresses where renovation will take place due to the large number, so it is worth mentioning only a few of them.

Fresh information about the demolition of five-story buildings of non-destructible series appears constantly, but the main nuances of the process are already known.


Among the districts of Moscow that do not belong to settlements, the eastern one occupies the largest area, which is about 154 square meters. kilometers, in addition, more than 12 million people live in it, so it can be considered one of the largest.

In total, five-story buildings from 12 districts were included in the renovation of this district, and therefore you should find out which addresses will be affected by the demolition, and which may not yet worry about moving.

AreaStreet house
IvanovskoeGreen Avenue - numbers 89, 101, as well as 97, 95, 93; Sapperny passage - 14; Federative Avenue - houses 37, 39, 41, 43
Izmailovo3rd Parkovaya - houses 37 and 39; Nikitinskaya - 1, 11, 15, 17, 19
MetrotownHighway Otkrytoye - 17, 19, 21, also 23, 25; Nikolai Khimushin - 5 and 7
Eastern Izmailovo15th Parkovaya - 20, 29, 33; Sirenevy Boulevard - 20, 42/22, 46/35
Kosino-UkhtomskyOrenburgskaya - 12-14, also numbers 16, 17, 20, 24, 26 and 6, 8; Kamova - buildings numbered 28, 3, 5, 5A, 7; Black Lake - 1 and 2, 7, also 8, 10
NovogireevoKuskovskaya - 35, 37/60, 41, 43; also Perovskaya street, starting from house 46 and then in even order to house 59

South-Western Administrative District

The Southwestern district is smaller than the previous one, which gives it the right to only 8th place in the overall ranking of districts, but at the same time it is in third place in terms of population, which means high density.

In this part of Moscow there are also five-story buildings that are subject to renovation. For example, in Northern Butovo these are houses 4, 6 and 8 on Grina Street, as well as houses number 3, 5 and 7 on Feodosiyskaya.

There are also two streets in the Academichesky District - on Novocheremushkinskaya these are houses 39 and 41, and on Krzhizhanovsky Street houses 32, 34 will be demolished, and building 36 will also be renovated.

In Yasenevo, only one house was subject to renovation, but its different buildings, the address is st. Profsoyuznaya 123A. Among those demolished were buildings 25-27, as well as buildings 1-5.

Most of the houses on the list of the South-Western Administrative District are from Zyuzino, but there are also buildings from Cheryomushki, Kotlovka, Konkovo, Obruchevsky and Yuzhny Butovo.


The North-Western district of Moscow is one of the smallest and most sparsely populated, as it is home to just under 8 million people.

Therefore, the list of liquidated buildings included fewer buildings, but there were also quite a lot of them:

  • st. Aviation - houses from 61 to 65;
  • Novoshukinskaya, 2, 4, 6;
  • Parkovaya - 3, 7, then 14, 18, 29, also 30, 31;
  • Central - 12, 17, 19, 2, 6, 9;
  • Tourist - 19, 25, then increasing by 2 to number 31.


The Western District decided on the desire of residents to demolish their housing almost immediately, and only house 12 on Lobachevsky Street was included in the additional list.

Previously, the list included houses 4, 6, 7, 8 and 19 on 3rd Filevskaya Street, buildings 1, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 on Borovsky Passage.

A large number of houses are planned to be demolished along Udaltsov and Lobachevsky streets, as well as Koshtoyants.

Many residential buildings in Kuntsevo, Ochakovo-Matveevskoye, Fili-Davydkovo and Mozhaiskoye districts were undergoing renovation.


The Northern District will get rid of a large number of old buildings, which are located in almost all areas.

In total, residents of 8 districts spoke in favor of the demolition of their houses, the largest number of buildings are located in the Golovinsky district, and the smallest in the Levoberezhny district.

District of the specified countyAddresses being prepared for demolition
LevoberezhnyLeningradskoe Highway, houses numbered 94 and 96, and another 98; building 10 on Belomorskaya street
BeskudnikovskyBeskudnikovsky Boulevard, buildings 44-52 Dmitrovskoye Highway, numbers 89, 95, 97, 99; building 32 on Seligerskaya street
Timiryazevsky districtLineiny Ave., buildings 1, 3, 6A, 8 are involved; Lokomotivny Ave., renovation is applied to houses 3, 5, 7, and also to 9, 9A, 11/10
Western DeguninoSt. Angarskaya, 2, 21, 25, 27, 27A; Bazovskaya, 4 (A, B), 6/27, 20, 22 (B, V); Novaya, 21 and 22
DmitrovskyDmitrovskoe highway, 123, 125, more buildings 127, 129, 141, 143, 15; st. Dolgoprudnaya, 3, 5 and 10, 6; Karelsky Boulevard, 14/16, 18, plus 18A, 22-24
KoptevoHouses 1, 10, 11, 13, 18 on 3rd Novomikhalkovsky passage; Bolshaya Akademicheskaya, 35 (A-B), 37, additionally participating 39 (A-B), 53, 55, 57
GolovinskyOnezhskaya street, 12, 14 were involved in renovation, also on the lists 16, 23, 25, 35 (buildings 1-4), 38 (buildings 1-3), 40, 41; Smolnaya st., 17, 19, another 21, 23, 9; Solnechnogorskaya, building numbers 10, 12, 19, 21
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