Differences and features of installing autonomous heating of a house and an apartment in an apartment building
As you know, on the modern market there are many types of all kinds of heating devices, with the help of which
agreement on the division of shares in common property
Agreement on division and determination of shares in common joint property: sample
5 / 5 (2 votes) Sometimes a situation arises for owners in which
Main characteristics of the apartment (page 1 of 3)
For most people, buying an apartment is an extraordinary and infrequent event. So approach him
Minimum ownership share in an apartment
Calculator for calculating shares in the right of common shared ownership. Important! Allocation from common property means
Insurance of equity participation agreements is now the responsibility of the developer
Who enters into an insurance contract Insurance of a preschool building against unfinished construction is a mandatory condition, without which
The meaning of the word alienate
Alienation in the Encyclopedic Dictionary: Alienation - in civil law - transfer of property into the ownership of another
Repair of the foundation of an apartment building
What is included in a major foundation repair? Major and current repairs
What is included and at whose expense are major repairs carried out? Major repairs of apartment buildings today
Apartment after the death of her husband
How to properly register an inheritance after the death of a husband?
Home » Inheritance » How to enter into an inheritance after the death of a husband 9 Rules and
How to combine a bathroom with a toilet?
Bathroom with a second toilet: the history of bathroom remodeling
Everyone who lives in small apartments knows about the difficulties of settling into such living space. Sometimes
Cadastral passport of a land plot
Inspection report and removal from the state cadastral register of the property. Peculiarities of excluding information from the Unified State Register of Real Estate.
Grounds for the execution of the act of demolition of OKS The act is carried out for the following reasons: The owner decided
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