Apartment redevelopment: what can and cannot be changed
Redevelopment of apartments in Moscow must be safe for the building and the premises itself, and not violate
What are the differences between the concepts of collateral and mortgage? | Krasnodar
The assignment of a claim is a special kind of transaction. Peculiarities of assignment of rights of claim under collateral
How to leave relatives from a privatized apartment?
Find out on our website whether it is possible to exchange a mortgaged apartment, an old apartment for
Apartment acceptance checklist
Evasion from signing the apartment acceptance certificate
So, the developer received the RVE and opened an appointment for the issuance of keys. Transferring an object is no longer possible
Documents for appraising an apartment for a mortgage
How to negotiate with an apartment appraiser for a bank
Valuation of an apartment for the bank Overestimation of the contract price of the apartment. As a rule, the buyer needs this
Mortgage benefits for a divorced woman with a child
Is it possible to get a mortgage for a young girl?
Will they give it and under what conditions? According to the conditions of most banks, a mortgage borrower can
Business idea: how to open a business renting out an apartment
Is it worth renting out an apartment daily, and how much more profitable is it than long-term rental?
Before we begin Study hotel offers. Be interested in the quality of service and cost of living. This
What is a technical land plan
A technical plan (technical plan) is a document that contains the characteristics of an object, its graphic plan
What documents must be submitted to the National Register of NOSTROY specialists?
General provisions When thinking about how to obtain an extract from the Unified State Register, it is important to remember some
Calculation of mortgage costs
Refinancing mortgage loans at Gazprombank
When planning to purchase real estate using credit funds, many people apply for a Gazprombank mortgage. Gazbrombank
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