Minimum ownership share in an apartment
Calculator for calculating shares in the right of common shared ownership. Important! Allocation from common property means
What area of ​​the apartment is included in the payment for utilities?
Utility tariffs The amount of payment for utilities is determined in accordance with the volume of actual
Insurance of equity participation agreements is now the responsibility of the developer
Who enters into an insurance contract Insurance of a preschool building against unfinished construction is a mandatory condition, without which
Refusal to relocate from emergency housing - how to apply for it in 2021
If the interdepartmental commission indicates that the house is recognized according to various parameters and characteristics
How to leave relatives from a privatized apartment?
Find out on our website whether it is possible to exchange a mortgaged apartment, an old apartment for
Housing Code of the Russian Federation Article 48. Voting at a general meeting of owners of premises in an apartment building
Article 48 of the RF Housing Code. Voting at a general meeting of owners of premises in an apartment building 1.
What to do if the gas meter stops showing numbers
What to do if the meter is broken So, you discovered that your gas meter has gone dark
Apartment acceptance checklist
Evasion from signing the apartment acceptance certificate
So, the developer received the RVE and opened an appointment for the issuance of keys. Transferring an object is no longer possible
The meaning of the word alienate
Alienation in the Encyclopedic Dictionary: Alienation - in civil law - transfer of property into the ownership of another
Apartment after the death of her husband
How to properly register an inheritance after the death of a husband?
Home » Inheritance » How to enter into an inheritance after the death of a husband 9 Rules and
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